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Everyone's financial situation is unique. We will help you find the perfect mortgage.

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How does Matador Lending’s Mortgage Process work?

Our team is built to make every step as easy as possible.

Step 1

Connect with Matador Lending

When you’re ready to start the process of buying a new home, give our office a call or fill out the Contact Us form on our website. One of our licensed loan officers will promptly get back to you for an initial phone call. We will discuss your homeownership goals, specifications, and answer any additional questions you have. 


If you decide you’d like to move forward with working with Matador, we’ll set up an in-person meeting or video conference call. During this meeting, your loan officer will walk you through the entire process of securing your mortgage and let you know what information and documents you’ll be expected to produce. We’ll discuss a timeline and set expectations of any potential setbacks that you may face during the process and how we will help resolve any issues that arise.

Complete the Pre-Approval Process

Step 2

We complete a full pre-approval process for our customers because sellers are much more likely to accept your offer compared to those with a simple pre-qualification. You’ll complete an official mortgage application and will supply us with all the documentation necessary to perform a complete check of your financial history and current credit score. At this time, we’ll pre-approve you for a mortgage up to a specified amount after reviewing your finances. This will give you a good idea of the interest rate you’ll be charged and the price range of homes you can afford. 

Once your pre-approval has been completed, your loan officer will send you an official pre-approval letter so you can start shopping for homes.

Start Your Home Search and Make an Offer

Step 3

This is the exciting part! You’ll work directly with your real estate agent to visit homes for sale in the area that you might consider buying. Because you’ve been pre-approved for a loan, you’ll be able to quickly make an offer once you’ve found a home you like. This will help your chances of securing your dream home because the sellers know that you have a lender ready to provide financing for you. To better your chances, your loan officer will call the listing agents on the home to confirm your buying strength and assure them that the Matador team will be able to process the loan quickly so they can get to the closing table in less time.


Your Offer is Accepted!

You are ready to move to step 4

Meet Your Loan Processor

Step 4

Once your offer has been accepted, your loan officer will introduce you to your designated loan processor. They will be your primary contact throughout the duration of the loan process. They will be responsible for completing all the required documentation from the underwriting process until you close on the loan. They will reach out to you periodically when they need additional information or documentation. Rest assured that you can also reach out to them at any time with questions or concerns. Your loan processor will also send you the final disclosures for you to sign when they are ready.



Your loan is funded.

You will receive payment information very soon from our mortgage lender and contact info to help navigate the servicing of your mortgage. Our team is always available if you have post closing questions!

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