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Owner Financing

Home ownership nowadays is 51 year low. 90% of people can't qualify for a home loan.

Because of all these issues people resort to renting. But as you may already know, renting is the same as throwing money out of window. Rents are going higher every year.

The other option is rent-to-own/lease purchase. We advise our customers to avoid this option at any cost because you do not get a Deed to the property. No Deed means you are not the owner and you can lose your home, even though you pay as agreed and on time. Simply because the owner can go through bankruptcy, divorce, lawsuit, IRS tax liens. They can even die, change their mind or don’t cooperate.


That's why the answer is owner financing

Owner financing is when the owner of the house sells it to the buyer and finances the purchase for the buyer as a bank. The buyer becomes the owner of the house and makes payments to the seller. It’s a good model, but this option is very limited, because there are only few houses with owner financing out there and most of the time these houses are overpriced and in bad condition.

With our program the buyer is not limited to a few houses because we create owner financing with any home available on the market. We buy a home of choice and owner finance it to you.

Same as if you purchased it from for sale by owner or from your relative.

No credit or income check, no employment verification. All you need is 20% down.

If you have 20% down, we believe you deserve your home of choice no matter what your credit score is!

Matador Owner Finance Options

Our network of real estate investors understand that good home buyers often have very few choices to buy a home, therefore they are happy to facilitate a transaction with owner financing as a way to bridge a transaction.  There are no prepayment penalties so a future homeowner can resolve their financing challenges and refinance the property into their own name anytime. As our specialists about more details anytime to see if this program is the right fit for you.