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Matador Lending partners with Gravy to empower first time home buyers

This year has many new challenges for would be home buyers, with rising interest rates and a looming shortage of housing supply, its easy for anyone thinking about buying a home to be discouraged.

To help, Matador Lending is excited to be one of the first lenders to partner with Gravy, a new app to help renters who have goals to buy a home start down the journey of saving their down payment and earning rewards for doing so to help with their homebuying goal!

The app which is free, but has a paid premium option, helps you set a home buying goal, identify the price point and down payment, and then automatically starts to help you save up the down payment. Matador Lending then works with Gravy to setup a closing cost reward that can be redeemed when you buy a home and use our company for the financing. We hope to see a new era of home ownership in coming years as the volatile housing market settles down, and we think Gravy has a great tool to help make that happen.

Matador Lending is an independent mortgage broker that serves home buyers in Texas, Georgia, Florida, and California. We have over 40 lenders who have various home loan products to help our team of loan officers match with you the financing options that best suit each buyers unique needs.

Below is a video demo of how Gravy’s app works and the tools it has for first time home buyers!

Download the app today using this link: ​​

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