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Matador Lending Set New Standards of Expansion During The COVID-19 Pandemic by Adding Employees

Matador Lending is a leading Mortgage Broker firm based in Texas, that comprises a team of expert loan officers who are helping thousands of people own their dream homes.

The management at Matador Lending has been able to achieve this feat due to its staunch faith in the power of diversity and inclusion across its organization. The team took this year’s surge in demand for mortgage loans as an opportunity to focus on recruiting new talent and establishing training platforms to quickly deploy staff into effective roles as quickly as they could.

The presence of reliable and effective mortgage brokerage firms such as Matador Lending has made sourcing the right financing options and competitive offers more streamlined for prospective borrowers. In this market, many homeowners are still looking to refinance into historically low-interest rates before they go up again.

Matador has adapted to hiring people fully remote and have changed their business model to being fully remote work force and are recruiting people without experience to build from the ground up.

During a recent press event, The president of Matador Lending, Apurva Sanghavi, made these comments, “We provide the right loan, for every financial profile. How do you know what mortgage loan is the best for your unique situation? Our team is built to review 100’s mortgage options across over 40 lenders that match you with the financing that you will be comfortable with now and ensure you have the right loan to fit your financial needs. Our loan officers have over 30 years of combined experience helping homeowners achieve their lending needs.”

The mortgage process is hassle-free:

  • Step One: When ready to start the process of buying a new home, give the office a call or fill out the “Contact Us” form on their website. One of their licensed loan officers will promptly respond for an initial phone call.

  • Step Two: They complete a full pre-approval process for their customers because sellers are much more likely to accept an offer compared to those with a simple pre-qualification. Everyone completes an official mortgage application and will supply all the documentation necessary to perform a complete check of financial history and current credit score. At this time, they will pre-approve for a mortgage up to a specified amount after reviewing one’s finances. Once the pre-approval has been completed, a loan officer will send an official pre-approval letter and it is time to start shopping for homes.

  • Step Three: Being pre-approved for a loan, means the ability to be able to quickly make an offer once a home is found. This will help the chances of securing one’s dream home because the sellers know that a lender is ready to provide financing.

  • Step Four: Once the offer has been accepted, a loan officer will introduce you to your designated loan processor. They will be the primary contact throughout the duration of the loan process. They will be responsible for completing all the required documentation from the underwriting process until the loan is closed.

Client Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what John F. had to say, “I would have put 10 ’s if I could!!! They are amazing! We were hoping to refinance with the historically low rates but had no idea that we would be able to get an interest rate of 1.875% !!!! Especially since our credit was not the greatest. Don’t waste anymore of your money or time, I’m extremely thankful for the amazing miracle workers at Matador!”

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